calm resting – powering up
delve into inner worlds – listen – feel your centre
want nothing – arriving – immersed in the here and now
thoughts come and go – accept, let it happen
experience silence – observe
serenity and certitude – energy and vitality
absorbing the healing effects of sounds and vibrations
being touched
savouring – no obligations – just being


MAHRIDA is Marina Trost, accomplished jazz-singer, trained in feldenkrais-oriented bodyworks and voicetraining, hypnosis, psychokinesiology and energy work, reikimaster and medium.

Since the dawn of time there has been an inseperable connection between sound, live and healing. Within this vibrating field, MAHRIDA medially and intuitively creates worlds of sound. With her voice and various instruments – monochord, Kotamo, shamanic drums, singing bowls – she opens spaces for centering, quietness and authentic inner movement.

The arising sounds create a vibating field, within healing and awareness become possible. A reconnection to the knowledge of sereneness, health and happiness, stored within each of us, can happen. A deeper perception is possible. Being in the here and now.


Free Improvisation – live

Root Chakra Improvisation – live

Throw it away (Abbey Lincoln)
Jazz with Marina Trost

The Music

Within this music, created in the moment, the energies of the people present and the energies of the spiritual world melt into each other. The vibrations of people and the frequences transferred by the spiritual worlds flow into me and from there into the sound of voice and the instruments.

Everythings blends exactly into the souns, rhythms and melodies needed for meditation, healing and transformation. In that very moment I perceive everything as being within me, rather than external. The spiritual world knows exactly, which problems there are to solve, which reqirements, which topics. Everything that wants to transpire expresses itself in the vibes of voice and instrument. Every piece of music, every place, every moment is utterly different.

The Instruments

The large monochord and the kotamo are very special instruments and made and uniquely constructed by myself. In Munich, there are wonderful workshops offered for building monochords, which I can highly recommend (if so desired I would gladly pass on further information). It is a beautiful and inspiring exercise. The hands work the wood, but through those hands a host of spiritual aides and ones inner self create. These instruments function as multidimensional portals. They activate certain frequencies and lead to different levels of being. They open spaces for vibrations in which meditation, transformation and healing become possible.

The exceptional singing bowls are chosen by Obertonhaus München. Twice a year, the people of Obertonhaus travel to India, to acquire singing bowls of the highest quality and finest craft from carefully chosen manufaturers. This, too, is a heartfelt recommendation.


Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 at 7pm
Meditation concert at Obertonhaus München
Booking: / +49 (0)89 26 77 72
More Information (PDF · German)


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Marina Trost

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